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Here’s whats happening at Chaaye Khana

‘carefully selected leaves, well-crafted teas, and a great place to enjoy it all’

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The History of Chaaye Khana

Chaaye khana was conceived in our minds long before it was established five years ago in F6 Islamabad. The idea to have a tea-centric cafe in a nation that consumes more tea per capita than any other country, grew stronger with time and in the absence of any viable hang-out options for the professionals, the housewives, the family or simply someone who loves a good book with their tea.

Success of chaaye khana is as much a result of the gap that existed in the marketplace where tea cafes did not exist as it is of the careful planning that went into designing the right menu, the right space for our customers and the right training of our staff. From the seventy different blends of tea to the ever evolving food menu to the music that plays all day long, is all personally selected. This personal involvement in all things chaaye khana is the bedrock on which it was built and continues to operate to this day.

A brand that was established for the love of tea has come a long way since it’s inception. Chaaye khana now serves customers in three outlets in Pakistan through parent outlet and the two franchises in Lahore and Bahria Islamabad. Four more franchises are in various phases of completion while another five are in the pipeline. As the chaaye khana brand grows, our franchise team is inundated with queries for more franchises around the country and more recently from other parts of the world.

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