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Welcome to Chaaye Khana's Franchising Opportunities page! 

Are you passionate about tea, food, and culture, just like us? Are you eager to bring the comforting flavors and unique Chaaye Khana experience to your community? Whether you're in Pakistan or anywhere around the globe, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

With two distinct franchising avenues – Pakistani franchises and International franchises – we are excited to bring our blend of tradition and taste to new locations. Each franchise is a journey into a world of aromatic teas, hearty breakfasts, and warm, inviting atmospheres.

Our robust franchising model provides you with the tools and support necessary to establish and flourish with the Chaaye Khana brand in your community. Embrace this golden opportunity to embark on a journey steeped in tradition and brimming with potential.

Join our Chaaye Khana family and let’s share the timeless charm of authentic flavors, one cup at a time, one location at a time.

Looking for International Franchising opportunities? 

Interested in joining the Chaaye Khana family in Pakistan? Register your interest

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