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Tea Time

Chaaye Khana, born out of a passion for traditional flavours and a longing for homely comforts, is more than just a cafe.


We are a meeting place for lovers of authentic taste, a sanctuary for those craving for a soothing cup of tea, and a haven where each breakfast dish tells a story of culture and heritage.

Our story began as a humble endeavour to bring the traditional tastes of our roots to the table. We've grown since then, but our mission remains unchanged.

We believe in preserving the authenticity of our dishes and in creating a dining experience that transports you back to simpler times, where each sip of tea and bite of breakfast was savoured. 

Our menu is inspired by diverse culinary traditions, curated with utmost care, and prepared with the freshest ingredients. Whether it's the aromatic brew of our teas or the hearty satisfaction of our breakfast offerings, at Chaaye Khana, we ensure that every item served brings comfort and joy to your senses.

At the heart of Chaaye Khana is our commitment to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We are not just about good food and great tea; we're about making memories, fostering connections, and creating an environment where you feel at home.

Join us at Chaaye Khana, and let us share with you our love for authentic flavours, traditional breakfasts, and the simple joy of a well-brewed cup of tea.

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