White Tea

White tea is the most pure and natural of the tea families, due to the fact that it undergoes minimal processing after plucking. It is because of this that white teas are especially abundant in antioxidants and nutrients. White tea has the least amount of caffeine of all tea varieties from the camellia sinensis plant and has a very subtle and light infusion. White teas are appreciated by tea connoisseurs for their unmatched subtlety, complexity, natural sweetness, and delicacy.

Health Benefits of White Tea:

– Extremely high amount of antioxidants
– May inhibit the growth of certain forms of cancer
– May reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– Excellent for skin and complexion
– Approximately 1% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee

Jasmine silver needles

Is there any perfume more intoxicating than this tea? The specially-plucked white buds are scented with a rare variety of night-blooming jasmine. Supposedly brought from South India to China as a gift for a wealthy merchant’s wife, the bloom has a light hint of gardenia that raises it above the norm. And its delicacy is perfectly balanced with this Chinese tea, both in aroma and taste.

Strawberry white​

Yes, it’s true. This blend really does use a superior, organic, Silver Needle white tea. It’s also true that we have been accused of “needless decadence” for having combined these premium buds with beautiful, organic, dried strawberries. But honestly, doesn’t everyone need a little decadence in their lives? The taste is so delicately perfect that it’s worth putting up with some flak.

Fountain de la youth

Realize the legend of the Fountain of Youth with this blend of fruits, nuts, spices and the first leaves of silvery unopened white tea buds, picked by hand during the April harvest. This blend will take you away to a more naturally delicious time, when people thought of apples as treats. Things may be different now, but sprinkle apples with cinnamon and brown sugar, add a dollop of butter and pop them in the oven and carefully sift through Chinas most famous white tea, to release a flood of vitamins and youthful energy in each enticing cup.

Open sesame

I wish, I wish, I wish In old Arabian tales, there was always a genie around ready to grant you three wishes. In comparison, the modern world seems a bit dull. So how do you escape reality? Try this rare tea. Its exotic fragrances of jasmine and rose water will transport you to the time of Ali Baba. Enjoy it chilled, or look into the hot steam and dream of genies.

Golden essense

Organic white tea blended with pure peach and tangerine essence. Sprinklings of osmanthus and jasmine flowers add a slight floral hint to the succulent sweetness of this lovely peach white tea. A delicate liquor with lasting flavour. Golden Peach organic white tea makes an amazing iced tea!

Alps Saffron White ​

The subtle taste of white tea is lightly accented with a splendid bouquet of rose petals, cardamom, and saffron. A beautiful white tea blend with a unique, spicy sweetness.

K-2 tea

A unique and inspiring blend made with Pai Mu Tan White tea, Darjeeling green tea, Sencha, Lung Ching, and Jasmine Pearls. Sprinklings of pineapple bits, corn kernels and curry leaves create a symphony of fine tastes! A light, refreshing cup Mount Everest white tea makes an amazing iced tea!

Blueberry lake

A delicious fruit tea blend of blueberries, rosehips, apple pieces and blue mallow flowers combine for an infusion that is reminiscent of wild blueberries. Blueberry lovers beware – this tea is addictive! Blueberry Lagoon herbal tea makes an amazing iced tea!

Mango delight in white

Brighten your day with this heavenly collection of tropical fruit flavours. Juicy mango, pineapple, and citrus unite with pure white tea for a delightful infusion worthy of the gods. Beautiful and fresh, this antioxidant rich tea is delicious hot or iced.